Easy Art Project for Creating Name Tags

Easy Art Project for Creating Name Tags

This easy art project is fun, motivating and can be done by kids of all ages. Teachers will find it useful to create a name tag to label a folder, desk, locker. Read how to do this simple activity.

Read this art project about creating a creature out of your own name. It’s easy, can be done at any age,and with simple materials. Kids will find it fun.

Step 1

The students start with a standard 9cm by 12 cm or 8 ½ by 11 inch paper folded in half lengthwise (the long way). On one half of the paper, along the fold line, the teacher or the student writes their name in handwriting. Go over this with a black marker.


Step 2

With the paper still folded, trace the name on to the other half of the paper by holding the marker side up to a window. Trace using a pencil. Then open up the paper and go over the tracings in black marker also.


Step 3

The symmetrical design can now be filled in with markers or pencil crayons. Try to create a creature out of the design. The creature can remain symmetrical by coloring the same colors on the left and right side of the page.

Hints and Tips

Try to use varying patterns such as polka dots, stripes and checks on the creature. Try to use many colors. Color outside of the lines and add things to the creature such as wings, horns, nostrils, eyes or anything your want.

This project is good to use at the beginning of a school year when students have new supplies and are eager to try them out.

The name creature can be displayed vertically or horizontally. The first letter can be at the top of the page or at the bottom.


To copy a name that has loops in handwritten letters such as f, g, j, y etc. place the side of the paper with marker on it (the bottom half of the letter) towards the window when tracing. The pencil tracing will be done on the side of the paper that already has the name in marker on it. The loop of the letter will be seen through the paper and will add to the symmetrical design created.

Use the name creatures as labels to be glued on large art folders or portfolios to be used to store art throughout the year. If using thicker paper, use the creature as a name tag for their desks.

The length of the name does not matter. The name Max or Ty can be created into just as unique creature as Alexandra or Jennifer.

Use standard paper rather than thicker manila tag for easier tracing. If you choose a thicker paper, try to help the student trace through a window or front door letting lots of light through. If using cartridge drawing paper or more absorbent paper, use pencil crayons rather than markers to color as markers will smear and soak into the paper.

Discuss contrasting colors, complementary colors and concepts such as symmetry in art to make it into an art lesson.

Write the name in handwriting for the children if they are too young to handwrite themselves. Also you can go over the name in permanent marker for them to help create the outlines for the creature. Use the same marker on both sides of the paper for consistency of line thickness and overall look. 

Its a good idea to show an example of each step of this project so students have a clear idea of the procedure. An example of the finished product will give them an idea of how it should look. Try to make the creature so that it does not look like it originated from a name.

Have fun and be creative with this easy art project.

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